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Reviews & Testimonials

Liquid Rubber EPDM from Pro Guard

The sooner you talk to us about Liquid Roof, the sooner you can experience the benefits on your building. That’s why you should call us right now on 01453 872850 or email us.

Liquid EPDM is so easy on metal and EPDM with no primer required and minimal preparation. However, if you are looking for a different simple flat roof system give us a call. We have a variety of liquid rubbers for different situations to make you life as easy as possible.

Don't just take our word for it - here is what some users of Liquid Rubber roofing have to say: 

The roof did not leak

"We have both epdm roof and metal roof about 7500 all in all. I was just astonished how easy it went down and as we were rolling it the roller marks just disappeared. I left the guys there and came back about 3 hours later. They knocked out about 2500 sq ft. and it literally looked like someone put down a 2500 single pieces of material. I can say this is the first time in 7 years the client is telling us his roof did not leak during the winter months. We will be ordering more in the spring. I think we will be migrating our coating product over to the Liquid epdm."

Jared Contractors

It looks like someone put a 25,000 sq ft piece of sheet epdm on our roof

"We have been doing metal roofs for about 12 years now and I think we found the product to end all. We had a 25,000 sq ft flat roof, mostly metal with some rusting and areas where the vents were covered with a hot tar application. We brushed on an elastomeric coating on the tar areas and on the heavily rusted areas covered them with a metal primer. By the way the product is nice to work with. Given the 8 hour timeframe you have to work with, our guys didn't have to rush. Not the case with some of the other products out there where the set up is real quick. We were quite amazed with the appearance. It looks like someone put a 25,000 sq ft piece of sheet epdm on our roof. We'll be back!"

Brian Venderbult

We were quite amazed with the performance

"We had been looking for a roofing coating for some time. We ordered a gallon in the summer to test it out on our roof, part epdm and part metal. After our initial testing we were quite amazed with the performance of the product. This is the only product that had stopped our leak, and in fact the first time in 4 years the roof did not leak. We since then completed our entire roof and saved thousands by hiring some general laborers to apply the material along with some people who work in our warehouse."

Kyle Co.

All is dry

"A friend of mine gave me a gallon of the Liquid Rubber he had left over after I complained to him about a chronic leak on my roof. Although my roofer did some patch work, I still had water coming in when the rain was heavy. Well I tried the Liquid Rubber in the area where the water was coming from. That was six months ago. Today, all is dry.


Could have saved us time and money!

"We have been working on steel roofs for about 10 years now and wish we had used your product back then. Could have saved us time and money! We have been looking for a product like this and your liquid EPDM had the highest volume of solids and with our experience working with EPDM we were already sold on the material. Hands down you were the most informative of anyone else we spoke with."

J.R Santiez

No sign of damp timber

"Faced with a huge quote to replace the felt roof on my garage, I looked for a material that would be cost effective and not intrusive as I didnt want to replace all the timbers on the roof, I could not afford it, nor did I have the time to carry the work out. I found a product that looked like it was what I needed, the only problem was that it was from the USA, I was really lucky to find Alltimes Coatings who imported the product and guided me through the correct products and estimated the quantities needed for the work

I primed the roof one afternoon and was finished by 4pm, it took a couple of hours for the 3 of us to mix and paint but we were very careful not to miss anything, then the next morning about 15 hours later I started the top coat, again, a proper mixer is a must for this as its quite thick. Painting was again straight forward but hard work and I found the primer to be still too sticky, but with the threat of rain by lunchtime I had to carry on (or I would have left it longer to cure) so I found myself sticking to the primer and in the end used the top coat to coat the bottom of my boots, this stopped any potential for ripping the primer and felt and worked well. I used a squeegee to cover the roof, then a soft brush to get an even coat, I guess for a perfect flat roof the squeegee would have been fine, but I was covering a really poor roof, the brush did the trick and left a good covering over the roof.

I had a rain shower within 2 hours of finishing but it didnt affect it, 2 days later we had some of the biggest thunderstorms we have seen in this area for years and there is no sign of damp timber inside the roof so it looks like it has done the job.

If it lasts as long as others say it does, then I have saved a huge amount of time money and effort by using this product to repair the roof on my garage."


We have won 3 bids

"We have ordered over 1000 gallons this year and the product truly lives up to its name. We have won three bids using your product because of our ability to stand behind our work."

H W Property Management

We love the product

"It has been 6 months since the application went down. This was the first time I was using the product and it was a fairly large commercial roof. I did hire some general laborers and the product went down just like you indicated. I actually applied a smaller section of the roof with elastomeric before I ordered your product. So now I have to get the elastomeric off because it is already cracking in two seam areas. We love the product, yes costs some money but factoring that we did not need a primer and there were not multiple coats like the systems I am familiar with it actually came in cheaper and the results were just outstanding. Lets get through the winter and our company will be ordering more."

J Berke

What we will be using from now on

"As a roofer we have tried many products Sealoflex, Santi-Tred, Snow Roof and everything in between. Yours is what we will be using from now on. We are especially impressed with the flexibility of your product. With seasonal changes we find this is the major cause for cracking to occur with the other products we have used. I guess it goes without saying....You get what you pay for."

R. Holt

5 years later, still doing the job

"We had suffered substantial hurricane damage in August 2004. Materials and contractors were in very short supply for many months after the storm. I had a flat roof on the back of my home that needed a new hot tar roof but no one was available to do the job and wouldn't be for several months. In the meantime water was pouring through the ceiling each time it rained. It is five years later and your product is still doing the job. We have not had to have the roof replaced. I would highly recommend your product to anyone with a problem with a flat roof."


We are now diehard customers

"Top Level Inc has over 30 years of interior remodeling, commercial and residential construction and roofing experience across Europe and North America, Specializing in Asphalt, Metal, Wood shingles, Concrete, Ceramic, Slate, Roll roofing, Rubber roof, Flat roof and also Built-up roofing such as Tar and gravel roofs. Top Level Inc brings a high level of craftsmanship and guarantees quality satisfaction every time. So when it comes to protecting your home and business from wind and rain, Top Level Inc. can take care of all your needs. After Using EPDM liquid rubber roof coating I was very impressed with how durable the product was and how fast I could complete the job. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone with a roof repair project and we are now diehard customers."

Mariusz Lozowski

I fully recommend this product

"This a great product, EPDM Rubber for roofs. It is easy to mix and easy to apply. Water stands on my flat roof in various places. I decided to apply a coating of EPDM Rubber over the roof for added measure. So I bought a gallon and applied it in a critical area. It stayed tight and looks great. I waited for several months during the rainy season and had very positive results. I then bought a five gallon pail and applied it to a larger surface. Looks great and adhesion is fabulous. It bonds great with no distortions of bubbles. I think the easiest thing was that I had a fairly solid surface with which to work. So, cleaning and surface prep seems to be critical. If you prepare the surface well your application and results will be outstanding. I just ordered two added five gallon buckets and plan to coat the remainder of my roof. I use a short nap roller and it goes on with ease. I fully recommend this product for roof repairs. Just follow the directions and anyone can do this with completely positive results."

Tom Preston

I wanted to let you know how much I like the product!

 "We put a new roof on using the liquid EPDM. We pressure washed the roof on July 10th and finished applying the Liquid EPDM on July 12. I wanted to let you know how much I like the product! I can not understand why this is the first time I have been exposed to it when I have been in the construction business for close to 30 years. There are many, many times in the past when the liquid EPDM would have been a perfect solution on a project and I definitely plan on using it in the future! 

RL Smith and Associates, Inc

After a year and a half the roof looks brand new

"I ordered a gallon of Liquid Rubber last summer, and inquired if it could be spread with an adhesive applicator trowel; the sales person was not aware of this having been tried. I tried using a commercially available trowel with 4 sawtooth teeth per inch, and 0.135 inch notch depths, holding the trowel at about a 45 degree tilt. This worked great, and spread the liquid at exactly the recommended rate. The trowel is followed by a brush or roller to level the liquid. My application is to repair the seams on an EPDM roof; the seams are weathering much faster than the roofing membrane. After wire brushing and vacuuming the areas to be repaired, the new coating is well adhered, smooth, and continuous, and, AFTER A YEAR AND A HALF THE ROOF LOOKS BRAND NEW! I just ordered two more gallons."

Ronald S.

A 100% seamless area

"We have finally got around to getting the product on a job and were very impressed overall with it. Solid performance and just a remarkable finish when it dried. Just what you said a 100% seamless area."

Trolier Roofing

Evened itself to a beautiful coating

"I was going to install a regular rubber roof when I saw your product. It would save a lot of work. I ordered a gallon to try and your product was just what you said it was. It went on easy with the squeegie and evened itself to a beautiful coating. It looks and feels like it will last a long time.I am ordering a second gallon to finish the job."

Bernie P.

We were very happy with the end result

"We were very happy with the end result. You have a great product here and we will be ordering for future jobs we have. We were a bit skeptical at first but when it was fully dry it looked as if we installed a new 1500 sq piece of sheet EPDM."

B T Contracting

No leaks

"We completed our warehouse last week and had two good rainfalls and no leaks. We had a few roofers who quoted us $25,000 but managed to get by with $4,500 of your product!!

B. Wildler

Love at first sight

"We did a lot of research about finding the right product to fix our tin gutters. We had tried many products over the years and they either wouldn't cure in enough time and would eventually peel. When we tried Liquid Roof, it was love at first sight! It spread on smooth and filled in all of the cracks and folds completely tight. It's been through winter and spring and has held up remarkably with no sign of wear."

Dannie G.

Did not require a primer

"Thanks to all for the very informative info. It made our decision easier. After discussing with several roofing companies we found that your product as promised did not require a primer nor a second application. Next month the second building!"

D. StJames

Very cost effective

"Your product held up to its claims. We had ordered it for a aluminium warehouse roof that was previously coated with a foam membrane. Your product will be recommended since it is capable of going on many surfaces with existing materials making it very cost effective in terms of prep work that is not needed."

D. Erikenson


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