Liquid Rubber Roofing. EPDM and other liquid rubbers for all situations.
Only true EPDM in Liquid form in the World
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Liquid Rubber EPDM Roofing

Liquid Rubber - Your fast fix for leaking roofs

We all know the pain of a leaking roof. You need to work fast to minimise water damage. Liquid Rubber EPDM, along with our other liquid rubbers, is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

"This is the first time in 7 years our client is telling us his roof did not leak during the winter months"
Jared Contractors

Stop water damage fast

Commercial or industrial roof leaking and letting in water?

Flat roof extension or garage roof sprung a leak?

For businesses and DIY, Liquid Rubber EPDM does the job.

It’s faster and better value for money than many other roof repairs.

"This is the only product that stopped our leak."

Liquid EPDM on flat roof

What is Liquid Rubber EPDM?

Liquid Rubber EPDM is one of our rane of liquid rubbers designed especially for roofing contractors who need to fix leaks fast and fuss free.

The world’s only liquid EPDM, it quickly and cost effectively makes an old roof as watertight as a new one.

Unlike conventional roofing repair, on many surfaces, Liquid Rubber EPDM is immediately waterproof in just one coat.

It stops leaks fast.

“Two days later we had some of the biggest thunderstorms we have seen in this area for years. There is no sign of damp timber inside the roof.”

Applies like paint, cures like rubber

You apply Liquid Rubber EPDM like paint and it cures like rubber.

The result is a combination of performance, effectiveness and sheer roof-repair value that’s hard to beat.

No surprise that EPDM sealants and EPDM coatings are renowned in the construction industry as some of the best roofing products you can choose.

Long life

Excellent UV and ozone resistance

Resistance to extreme temperatures

Easy to apply by brush or roller

What’s more, Liquid Rubber EPDM withstands ponding water. That’s another reason why it’s ideal for coating when water must be kept out at all cost.

Where to use Liquid Rubber EPDM

Apply Liquid Rubber EPDM in just one coat on many surfaces without needing a primer.

Recoat EPDM roof membranes

Coat trowelled concrete

Leakproof flashings

Repair weathered metal roofing

Repair foam, rubber and fabric roofing

Waterproof rips, tears and cracks

Repair delaminated seams

Repair fibreglass (GRP)

Repair weathered siding

"After a year and a half, the roof looks brand new”

The only true Liquid Rubber EPDM available in the UK

Liquid Rubber roofing with EPDM is straightforward. You can repair or refurbish a whole roof remarkably quickly and easily. And you get all these features and benefits in one proven product:

Chemical resistance for easy cleaning

Easy application saves time and money

Long-term durability reduces need for ongoing repairs

UV and Ozone resistant protects from the elements

Seamless membrane eliminates leak points around vents and other protrusions

Excellent flexibility and elongation for durability

Outstanding resistance to ponding water

Temperature resistant from -51 °C to 148 °C

"I tried the Liquid Rubber in the area where the water was coming from. That was six months ago, today all is dry.”






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Why choose liquid rubber EPDM?

Choosing the professional standard is paramount when you are looking for a long-lasting solution to fixing the leaking roof on your property. It is also an essential tool in any roofing professional’s arsenal, to be used for quick and assured repairs across a range of roofs and a variety of substrates. Many roofing professionals will make waterproofing a roof a long and arduous task. This is no longer needed with liquid rubber EPDM, as instant waterproofing for any project is assured. Liquid Rubber EPDM not only coats the roof, but it also seals and treats the roof, completely waterproofing like a paint once applied, to like a rubber once cured. This allows for the liquid rubber solution to be extremely easy to transport, and to carry when on a project. As a professional roofer looking for a fast-cure, long-lasting solution to waterproofing a roof, the last thing you need is a heavy substance to coat across the roof. This solution is both lightweight and extremely practical, made for ease of application in mind.

Liquid Rubber EPDM Alternatives

If you are looking for alternatives to liquid rubber EPDM then look no further. Whilst this application is fantastic for roofing professionals and DIY users alike, the liquid rubber EPDM cannot be using in the cold months, as it is slow cure and crafted to be used in warmer weather. So, if you’re in need of a year-round coating, or a coating specifically for freezing temperatures, then we have the solutions to help you out. From the moisture cure rubber (to be used in even the coldest of temperatures) to the Rapid Deck 30-minute cure-time application, there is a magnitude of sealants and applications available for your specific needs. Whether you need a rapid cure application, or a sealant for specific weather conditions, we have it all at AllTimes.

Professional Applications of Liquid Rubber EPDM

Are you a roofer primarily focused on industrial properties, or a team of roofing professionals hired by an industrial landlord to repair a leaking industrial roof? Maybe you are a small team of roofers dealing with a leaking roof on a commercial property, or even a homeowner looking to tackle a leak yourself? You are in the right place. Whatever the leaking roof issue, liquid rubber EPDM will provide the tool for the professional solution. Never has a waterproofing, professional roofing product been as practical, accessible and available for as wide a range of uses as liquid rubber EPDM. Get in touch with the team on for a revolutionary solution to leaking roof issues.


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