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Liquid Rubber EPDM information centre

This is where you'll find links to more information about Liquid Rubber EPDM and how to use it effectively. Maybe you aren’t sure about the substrates that work well with our liquid EPDM, spray coating with Liquid Rubber or coating cast concrete, here’s where you’ll find the answers.

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What surfaces can I apply a Liquid Rubber coating to?

EPDM Liquid Rubber is designed to be applied to structurally sound materials and is not a substitute for roofing membranes. Here’s a list of substrates that can and cannot be re-coated with Liquid Rubber.




EPDM Liquid Rubber Application Overview

Here’s where you can discover more about how to choose your application method; applying Liquid Rubber over existing EPDM Rubber Roof Sheets, acceptable substrates for Liquid Rubber application and a brief description about the cure process and material properties. 



Spray Application of EPDM Liquid Rubber

Find out how to choose the right equipment for spray application of Liquid Rubber; thinning the material, preparing the surface and surroundings for spray application, and how to clean your spray equipment once your durable, high-performance coating has been applied.


Coating Cast Concrete using EPDM Liquid Rubber

Cast concrete is one of the materials (many don’t) that require a primer before coating with EPDM Liquid Rubber. Here’s where to find out why you need to use a primer; how to choose the correct primer and how to prime your cast concrete surface.