Liquid Rubber Roof Paints, EPDM Coating, choice of systems
Only true EPDM in Liquid form in the World
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Buy Liquid Rubber Roof Paints Online

You can now buy Liquid Rubber roof paints direct from us if you live in the UK or Europe. If you live outside the UK, please contact us for an accurate shipping quote before purchasing your rubber coatings (shipping costs vary depending on destination).

Are you a roofing contractor, maybe one specialising in flat roof repairs and refurbishment? Or a motorhome, RV or caravan repairer who’s disappointed by the other ‘rubber sealants’ you’ve tried? Or interested in becoming a reseller for our Liquid Rubber roof paints?

Whether our rubber coatings and sealants will help you build a business, or mend your cherished vehicle, please call now on Call 0800 6120 750email us.

Our Liquid Rubber roof paints come in white, grey and black.

Special offer on 5 US Gallons Black.

Save over £125.

Telephone orders only £379.99 including VAT.

Apply straight to metal roofs and old EPDM roofs without a primer. Couldn't be simpler!

"We have been doing metal roofs for abput 12 years now and I think we found the product to end all. by the way the product is nice to work with. Given the 8 hour time-frame you have to work with, our guys didn't have to rush. Not the case with some of the other prodcuts out there where the set up is real quick. We were quite amazed with the appearance. It looks like someone put a 25,000 sq ft piece of sheet EPDM on our roof. We'll be back!"

Brian Vanderbilt

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